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Verizon is working on bringing MLB Extra Innings to FiOS TV

Ben Drawbaugh

With only a few months to go until Major League Baseball's opening day, Verizon's blog is reporting that a carriage deal for the MLB Extra Innings package is in the works. The package brings many out of market games to baseball fans, and was almost a DirecTV exclusive last year -- just like the NFL Sunday Ticket -- before consumer groups and the anti-trust types got involved. Now it appears that in addition to just about every digital cable and satellite provider, the nations largest fiber provider will also have the package. There's no word on how many of the games are presented in HD, but going on FiOS's track record we'd assume if the game is produced in HD, than it'll be presented in HD. The bad news is that even when the deal gets done, it won't be in all markets. We can only assume this has something to do with FiOS TV upgrades planned for 2008, that'll take care of its QAM bottleneck.

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