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Duo of Two Worlds DLC packs coming

Justin McElroy

We've got to hand it to SouthPeak, which is releasing two (count 'em) two DLC packs for the (by most accounts) truly bad Two Worlds. That's a crazy, Bridge on the River Kwai level of dedication that we can't even begin to comprehend.

If you're the sort that's interested (and please, please comment if you are) the packs will each add about 10 hours of gameplay with new multiplayer maps,new co-op quests and new player-versus-player challenges. Both will be 600 points, one pack is coming in March and one is coming in April. We trust most of you will be able to bear the wait just fine. Also, just so we're clear, we don't know if these DLC packs represent the expansion we heard about, or if both of you still have more to look forward to after April.

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