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Sunrise Earth Viewer's Choice Edition Part Deux


It's that time of year again, Sunrise Earth is asking its viewers what they'd like to see first thing in the morning. With BD Live-compatible Blu-ray players, piles of cash and supermodels out of the question, we can choose from ten possible sunrises, which will be whittled down to five episodes broadcast in the third quarter of this year. Each locale represents a vast improvement over our brick wall-facing window so we're not picky, but take a look at the list after the break then hop over to Discovery and tell them what you want to see.

1. Northwest Territories, Canada, Arctic Tundra: Witness thousands of migrating porcupine caribou on an Arctic refuge tundra, under the midnight sun. See the herd move across a remote, wild, and spectacular landscape.
2. Kyoto, Japan, Japanese Garden: In the Land of the Rising Sun, gardens have been works of art for centuries. Stones, water, plants and unique feng shui promote morning rituals and meditation.
3. Kruger National Park, South Africa: Lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, buffalo in South Afica's largest game reserve. The ultimate wildlife sunrise experience.
4. The Outback, Australia: A barren, huge expanse of earth, filled with teeming life that surprises the stark setting with bustling morning activity.
5. Arches National Park, Utah: A red rock blaze of sculpted arches, fins, and towers. Colorful springtime bloom in southwest Utah's high desert.
6. Sandhill Cranes, Platte River, Nebraska: World's largest concentration of cranes put on a dazzling sunrise show. Annual spring migration stop is bird watching paradise.
7. Easter Island, South Pacific: Mysterious huge volcanic rock statutes carved by ancient society on this isolated Polynesian island. Sunrise of secrets yet to be revealed.
8. Remote Fjords, Norway, Midnight Sun: The sun sets, then rises in one episode. Mountains, fjords, and a red sky in the land of the midnight sun.
9. Venice, Italy: Floating gently down canals to capture a sunrise that blends distinctive old world architecture with an age old relationship to the sea.
10. Alpine Meadow, British Columbia: Snowmelt streams, flowers, and birds herald the coming of summer from a high altitude Rocky Mountain setting.

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