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Sprint debuts "Simply Everything" plan for $99 a month


We're not sure what took them so long, but Sprint finally has joined its fellow major carriers in offering an unlimited plan for a flat rate -- the now industry standard $99 -- only this time it's for all the marbles. Instead of just the unlimited voice offered by AT&T and Verizon, or the voice + SMS that T-Mobile has on offer, Sprint is undercutting the competition with a $99 plan that includes voice, data, text, Sprint TV, GPS and more. "Simply Everything" is available today to both CDMA and iDEN customers, and is open to existing and new subscribers. If you've got a family plan, it's $5 less for every line you add ($99 + $94 + $89 and so on). While those with the gift of gab but no desire to surf the mobile webs might be disappointed that the rumored $60 unlimited voice plan didn't materialize, this certainly undercuts the competition by healthy margin for the smartphone crowd, which is exactly what we were hoping for out of Sprint.

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