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A little kinetic scrolling with Smart Scroll X


Apple has already stolen the multitouch interface from the iPhone for the MacBook Air and the new MacBooks, but they haven't yet borrowed that other scrolling "feature," known here as "kinetic scrolling." If you'd like to steal it for your own Mac, however, jkOnTheRun has just the thing: a tip about Smart Scroll X, a program that lets you use your mouse to do some kinetic scrolling in any Mac app you want.

We've actually posted about Smart Scroll before, but the video is a pretty good demonstration of what's happening here. I'm not quite sure this is something Apple will want to implement in the OS, however -- it feels right enough on the iPhone, but I kind of like that my scroll wheel stops when I tell it to. If you'd rather have the iPhone experience on your usual Mac, however, the app is available as a free trial, or a complete license for $19.

[Via Nathan M]

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