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IBM's "green optical link" promises one second movie downloads

Ryan Block, @ryan

So IBM is apparently working like crazy on some next-gen communications technology that -- ready to have your mind blown? -- "uses light instead of wires to send information." We know, this is some crazy future crap up in here, but check it out. Apparently this so-called light-based communications system is supposed to be ten times more power efficient than others in its class, and can transfer data at speeds far greater than our current 4Mbps token-ring networks and even the next-gen 10BASE2 Ethernet (as if!); if optical data communications are actually real, well, it's just in time because we've been seriously maxing out our Tandy 1000 playing MUDs. Touting such other gibberish as "high definition content," and "ex-aflop supercomputing," IBM's Optocards (which feature integrated "Optochips") can apparently move data at up to 8Tbps / 1TBps, which isn't quite up to snuff to compete with Alcatel-Lucent's latest, but is still, like, way more than necessary for accessing the Engadget BBS.

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