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Lego Halo in the works at Bungie! [Update]


[Update] Sorry, folks, this news appears to be fake, as it appears in EGM's April Issue. Apparently we were taken in by the most elaborate EGM Aprils's Fools day joke ever. Here, this is for us.

With the massive popularity of the Lego-branded games, it was only a matter of time until something blew the doors for open anyone to get in on the bricking action. With this EGM scan, it seems that the doors have indeed been blown. With Lego Master Chief and Elites, and the ability to follow the entire story from first game to third game, it seems like this one will have fanboy's all over wetting themselves in delight. Bungie's next game was promised to be "totally different" and this certainly qualifies as different, even if the guys at Bungie are mixing things up by making at least ten-percent of the game "traditional Halo" (first person). Just like in the other Lego games, there will be a multitude of playable characters, which will probably include Arby, Sarge, etc, as well as other Spartans (if you read Ghosts of Onyx, prepare to meet Kurt's brother!). This game honestly sounds like eighty different kinds of awesome, and you know that this is going to end up selling over a million copies. The only question is, where could they take it for a sequel?

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