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The man in charge of Mythos gets interviewed

Kyle Horner

There's not much more to know about Mythos at this point, but CVG has gotten a few good chunks of information out of the guy in charge of the upcoming massively game -- Max Schaefer. One such revelation is that the Mythos team will be aiming for expansions every three months and that said expansions will be available to everyone. That's a sensible decision considering their business model profits from players sticking with the game or at least coming back for new content and paying for the extra stuff.

Aside from the standard Mythos matters, there's an interesting quote from Max, "PC gaming isn't going anywhere until people stop having PCs. It's up to developers and publishers to keep it fresh and keep bringing creative, entertaining games to market."

We're glad that somebody out there has a rational response to the PC gaming death question. Especially from Flagship Studios, who's first title wasn't exactly a major hit. If things pan out the way we think they will, though, Mythos is going to have a pretty dedicated player-base.

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