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Amazon Japan sells 20GB PS3 for twice price of 40GB

Justin McElroy

The discontinuation of the PS2-playing 20 and 60 GB models of the PS3 have made them quite the hot item in Japan, so much so that Amazon Japan is currently selling 20 GB systems for ?63,800 ($617), around ?30,000 more than the 40GB system. 60 GB consoles are the priciest of all, currently selling for ?74,800 ($723). Hobby shops there are also apparently jacking up buyback prices, according to this blog (beware of NSFW ads).

Are we headed for a similar fate here in the states? No. Or at least, not immediately. With a mostly backwards compatible model already announced for June, it seems that that the folks who like to keep one foot in each generation aren't in danger of the chasm they straddle widening and swallowing them whole just yet.

[Via CVG]

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