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Brutal Gladiator and Guardian goodness

Zach Yonzon

More news on the PvP item front: MMO Champion has uncovered more Season 4 items on the PTR. While they're not yet available from any vendor, it seems like the first Brutal Gladiator items have been appearing in trickles, including the first and so far only weapon, a 2-handed sword. The new sword seems to be taking after the trend started by Season 3 which added Armor Penetration into the item points. It's a good bet that all other Season 4 melee weapons will also contain Armor Penetration. The weapon also seems to be a massive upgrade over the previous season's Vengeful Gladiator's Greatsword, which has a top-end of 580 while the new weapon appears to have a top-end of 624, a full 44 more than its predecessor. In contrast, the Vengeful weapon only had 31 over the Merciless Gladiator's Greatsword. The PTR files peg the Season 4 2-hander at 144.4 damage per second, a whopping 10.2 DPS over Season 3's greatsword, which in turn was only 7.3 DPS over Season 2's greatsword.

The Honor-purchasable PvP non-set items have also been revealed to be called Guardian gear, following Season 1's General, Season 2's Veteran's, and Season 3's Vindicator's items. Just like their predecessors, the new belt, boots, and bracers are a visual match for their corresponding Arena set. This should be welcome news to those who like to look their prettiest in public. While the prices haven't been specified, there's good reason to believe that they'll match current Vindicator gear Honor prices, which means it's probably a good idea to start saving up those Honor and Arena points now. It looks like Season 4 might be coming out sooner than we think.

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