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Dreamcast demo display shows up on eBay

Nilay Patel

Man, remember when the Dreamcast was all the rage, but no one actually had one, so you could only play on in-store demo units while fending off enraged Software, Etc. employees? No? Trust us, it was quite the thrill, especially topped off with some rockin' TCBY and maybe a pensive moment at the back of Spencer Gifts -- and now you can relive it all in the comfort of your own home, here in the future. Yep, a working Dreamcast demo station has just popped up on eBay, for the shockingly low current price of £230 ($456), although you'll have to be in the UK to pick it up (or be really, really dedicated to Sega). The Dreamcast is actually eminently hackable and still has quite a following, so you're well on your way to impressing your friends high-school style. Just try to not revive those raver pants while you're at it, slick.

[Thanks, Dan]

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