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Home theater installation includes rotating seats

Darren Murph

Granted, the $6 million Kipnis Studio Standard is still apt to blow minds (and fuses) more quickly than Donny Hackett's "ultimate multipurpose room," but for folks looking for a way to squeeze a bona fide home theater into their existing den / living area / etc., this one provides some excellent food for thought. Aside from the 12-foot-wide custom-built screen, 7.1-channel audio system and InFocus SP777 three-chip DLP projector, this room also boasts a unique seating arrangement -- one that rotates 180-degrees at the touch of a button. The installation enables the front row to swirl around and face the second row, essentially creating a conversation pit for times when board games are preferred over catching a BD flick (and that's when, exactly?). There's no mention of how much dough was coughed up in order to make this happen, but we're confidently guessing it wasn't even close to cheap. Hit up the read link for a slideshow of pictures and a construction video to boot.

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