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Japanese PSP brandishes bronze bundle, cradle


As tempting as it'll be to import Japan's latest PSP-2000 when it releases on April 24th (for a limited time), we simply won't stand for Bronze triumphing over brains. Debuting in a new Matte Bronze Value Pack priced at ¥23,800 ($228) , the third-place color will finish in matte "for the first time for PSP." The bundle will include an AC adaptor, battery, pouch, handstrap, cloth, D-Terminal AV cable and a why-even-bother 32MB Memory Stick.

Expected to launch on the same day: A ¥4,800 ($46) cradle and charger for the PSP-2000. It's the ideal device for those 1Seg watchers and mediaphiles who would prefer to interact via the included remote whenever the PSP's hooked up to a relatively distant television. The cradle will also be available in bundled form, with a ¥6,500 ($62) package tossing in a D-Terminal AV cable.

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