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Majority of women, men swap gender in MMOs

Justin McElroy

Smirk all you want at Eddie Izzard, but keep in mind that some of your closest gaming cohorts are likely e-transvestites, if they're in to MMOs. A recent study called Gender Swapping and Socialising in Cyberspace revealed that 70 percent of women and 54 percent of men swap their genders when playing online games. For men, it's reportedly a way to get special treatment from males. On the other hand, women prefer to play as men so their characters aren't so frequently distracted by handbag sales and America's Next Top Model marathons. We kid.

For our part, we play World of Warcraft as a gnome warlock who looks exactly like former presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich. His name is "Kucinich." ... We have no idea what that says about us.

[Via MEGATONik. Thanks, Zizzy]

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