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Just 5% of Europe's HDTV owners watch HD programming

Darren Murph

While HD expansion is continuing somewhat in locales not named America, Europe is having a tough time grabbing hold of high-definition programming. Nary a month after Sat.1 HD and ProSieben HD were shut down in Germany until 2010 due to lack of interest, a new report has surfaced with quite a few startling facts. First off, just 5-percent of Europe's HDTV owners were found to actually watch some sort of HD programming. The article goes on to assert that Europe's TV providers should "concentrate their resources initially on building pay television rather than advertising-based business models in order to reach the critical mass of HD content and receivers necessary to make HDTV a self-sustaining business." Still, there seems to be hope for the market yet, as these same analysts also suggested that nearly 20-percent of all European homes would be watching HD channels by 2012 -- better get a move on, though.

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