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Oy! Flatscreens burning down the house

Steven Kim

Australia's Courier Mail news is reporting that flatscreen TVs are responsible for 70 house fires over the past five years. But TVs have a long, long way to go if they want to achieve "most deadly home gadget" status (radioactive gases notwithstanding): over the same period, 5251 fires were started by other electrical appliances, including hair dryers and heaters. No word on how many of the fires were caused by failures in the TVs as opposed to shoddy installation or draping fabrics over an Ambilight or Aurea LCD to "set the mood." But if you really need to balance safety concerns with your desire for a flatscreen, we suggest either putting a fire extinguisher near your entertainment center or installing an AQUiVO TV.

[Via WatchingTVOnline, Image courtesy Prosac]

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