Radioactive gases in plasma displays? Not so much.

Steven Kim
S. Kim|10.05.07

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Steven Kim
October 5th, 2007
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Radioactive gases in plasma displays?  Not so much.
LG radioactive plasma
Here's a twist on the "Nigerian scam." A Nigerian newspaper is reporting that the manager of LG's Nigerian branch, a Mr. Tae-Joon Park, said plasma sets "...have short life spans because of the radioactive half-life of the gases they use." We couldn't make this up -- go ahead and follow the read links for yourself. Sounds like Mr. Park got the brightness "half life" mixed up with radioactive "half life." We're sure all EHD readers know that there's absolutely no truth to this, but we'll clarify: plasmas are filled with xenon and neon. And as we remember from high school chemistry, those are "noble," inert gases. No radioactivity here, and no amount of sitting in front of our plasmas will grow that third arm we need to complete our "snacks, drink, remote" trifecta!
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