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PodWorks updated to 2.9.3


PodWorks is a great utility that nearly every iPod owner (and iPhone owner) will want to have around. In a nutshell, it lets you copy songs and videos from any iPod or iPhone to any Mac running OS 10.4x. It works wonderfully.

Version 2.9.3 brings some very nice changes, including

  • Applescript improvements (not support for Applescript, but the script the app runs has been re-written)
  • New method of reporting errors
  • Duplication prevention improvements
There's more, of course, and you can read the (highly detailed) change log here.

PodWorks will cost you $8US. Version 2.9.3 is a free upgrade for existing users. It works with every model of iPod (even the original 5GB!) and the iPhone.

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