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Try Zack & Wiki and feel bad about yourself for free


Are you the type of person who enjoys games that make you feel like you're a worthless, sniveling simpleton? If so, you should really pick up Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. Don't believe us? Then head over to the Nintendo of Europe site (hit the "Gameplay" tab), where there's now a flash demo for Capcom's piratey, puzzley romp. We spent three mugs of coffee and an unhealthy portion of our morning staring slack-jawed at this conundrum, our peanut-sized brains straining at the exertion of it all.

Sadly, those who have played through the adventure game will find nothing new here -- we are reliably informed that this exact same puzzle appears around one-third of the way through the game. Not that we would know, for our copy sits shamefully on our "to do" pile, silently mocking us.


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