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Ace Attorney producer: big announcement at orchestral concert


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Minae Matsukawa's final Apollo Justice developer blog entry has once again lifted the curtain on the development of our favorite DS lawyer-adventure series. Without going into too much detail, Matsukawa described the creation of the first video for the series to use motion capture, for which a male research-and-development team performed a female character's movements, and was a "natural" at it. What wasn't natural: Apollo's name. Apparently it took 22 meetings to come up with "Apollo Justice!"

In case you're in Tokyo, you like game music, and for some reason you weren't planning to go, Capcom will also make an "exciting announcement" at the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra orchestral concert in Tokyo this April. Matsukawa didn't say what the announcement would be, but come on -- it's Gyakuten Saiban 5.

[Via Capcom Blog]

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