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Sega: Don't forget about the hardcore gamers


Thank you.

Look, we here at Wii Fanboy love the Wii and often criticize it because, frankly, we expect nothing but the best. If nobody will step up and address certain concerns, then we will. It's our duty to present you with the news, but it's also our duty to be honest and objective with what we see. Considering that, we're not too happy with the amount of "hardcore" games available on Nintendo's latest console.

They've never been one to present oodles and oodles of more serious titles on their consoles, compared to their competition, but with recent games that have changed our life like No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki, we crave more long-lasting games that we can sit down with for more than a half-hour and enjoy. It's just how we feel.

And it would appear Sega of America president Simon Jeffery feels the same way. He thinks it's a mistake for western developers to ignore the hardcore gamers on the Wii, instead flooding the market with tons of casual titles that appeal to a wider demographic. "There's no reason why [hardcore gamers] should be excluded or excommunicated from the Nintendo world," he commented. We agree.

We're excited for Wii Fit and we're happy the console is getting the third-party support it deserves, but we want more. Maybe we're just too selfish?

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