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Video: Nav N Go's iGO My Way 8 GPS -- iPhone, iPod touch edition


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Here we go, the first honest to goodness GPS solution for the iPhone. Having already brought the solution to the PSP, Nav N Go have now worked their iGo My Way 8 magic into Apple's touchscreen devices. The prototype on display at CeBIT supports turn by turn directions and location finding via a WiFi key or fob. The WiFi key receives the GPS data and retransmits over WiFi while the fob offers the option to directly attach the unit to the iPhone or iPod Touch's docking port. Expect to hear more about these official 3rd party apps during our coverage of Apple's SDK launch event later today.

Update: Reader Owen S. just noted that Nav N Go is using Gomite's adapters to receive the GPS signal.

[Thanks, Andras]

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