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Ask WoW Insider: How do I get off standby?

Mark Crump

Welcome to today's edition of Ask WoW Insider, in which we publish your questions for dissection by the peanut gallery -- now with extra snark and commentary by one of our writers. This week, reader CS writes:

A number of months ago the old guild I had been in for nearly 2 years broke up due to varies reasons so I found a new raiding guild.
They are decent raiders, not the top raiding guild but a strong one still and our raid leader is good but I find myself on standby alot still.
If the reason is because of my lack of experience with high end raiding or something else ok but how can I fix the problem if they wont tell me that there is a problem?

It's because when you sign up for a raid, you're forgetting to give the raid leader a little baksheesh,

Seriously, the only solution is to attack the problem head-on and talk to raid leader. I was all set to talk out my butt offer some kind advice, but I remembered this question sounded familiar so I'll be lazy and point you to this write up in our raiding column, Ready Check. Marcie has answered the question better than I could.

How about you, oh others left on standby -- how have you gotten off the kids table?

Got questions? Don't wait! Send them to us at ask AT wowinsider DOT com and your query could be up in lights here next week.

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