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How would you change Everex's Cloudbook?

Darren Murph

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When we gave you readers a shot at ranting about the Everex gPC, little was left unsaid. If we were betting souls, we'd guess the firm's über-cheap laptop -- affectionately known as the Cloudbook -- is about to suffer a similar beating. Based on early reviews, the wannabe Eee PC slayer wasn't exactly a dream come true, but we just know there's a good bit of potential here untapped. So, for those of you who've parted ways with your $400 in exchange for one of these Cloudbook contraptions, how would you improve upon what's already there? Clean up the user interface? Add a bit more horsepower under the hood? Or would you just find a way to plug that unsightly gap between the LCD and keyboard? Go ahead, your momma's not listenin' -- let us know how you really feel.

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