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Monster Hunter 2nd G: new monster details

Majed Athab

Saw yesterday's TV spots for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? While those clips were entertaining, they had little to reveal about the game itself. Today, however, we have details on some of the new monstrous baddies that you'll need to hunt down.

In the picture above, the baboon creature on the far left stalks the desert territories. It attacks by hurling huge boulders, and kicks sand at you to slow you down. The crab creature has a long reach with it's lengthy claws; it can also can shoot out a blast of water from its mouth. The last beast with the big belly is difficult to classify ... so let's just call it the "ugly thing." You'll find this creature in the jungle, probably all alone. Why? Because this thing attacks with a deadly fart, that's why. Totally not making that up. Ah, fond memories of Primal Rage seep in. Anyway, to see more of these beasties, check out the screenshots at Famitsu.

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