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Shiren the Wallpapers

Eric Caoili

Despite the endless praise Shiren the Wanderer's fans have for the new DS remake, you need only look to the nearest gaming forum to find examples of curious gamers immediately turned off by Shiren's US/EU boxart. Of all the marvelous concept art Sega of America had at its disposal, this is what the publisher decided on?

In a post at Jeremy Parish's (of 1UP fame) blog holding roguelikes up as "the quintessential desert-island-game genre," commenter Emilio shared a link to wallpapers fashioned from that official artwork, and, as you can see in the cropped shot above, they are divine.

You can grab 1024x768 and 1280x1024 versions by loading up the official Japanese site and selecting the fourth option in the top-right menu scroll. Or you can just page through the wallpapers in our gallery! Make sure to view them in "Hi Res" for maximum effect.


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