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Burnout Paradise Dust Storm DLC and bridges too

Dustin Burg

Yesterday, Criterion informed (and teased) everyone about upcoming Burnout Paradise downloadable content and finally revealed how exactly they will incorporate DLC without dividing the community. The short answer. Bridges.

Criterion's Alex Ward hopped on the forums to tell everyone that all upcoming Paradise DLC will be bridges that lead off of Paradise City into new DLC worlds and experiences. This of course is a great way to not divide the community, because anyone who doesn't have the DLC simply cannot cross the bridge and instead will remain in Paradise City. Genius! Criterion also dangled a carrot in front of our noses by giving us a video (embedded above) of a new vehicle, The Dust Storm, that'll be included in the next DLC batch. Yummy!

[Via Xboxic, Thanks Jonah Falcon]

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