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One Shots: A rainy day on the Go'Shek farm

We can't speak for you, but for many of our U.S. writers, the weather has been strange and "bleh" at best. That's why when we saw this one come in, we had to smile -- someone in the game world is sharing our stormy weather. This screen comes to us today from Diminuendo, who plays a Blood Elf Rogue on Quel'Dorei. Diminuendo says:

I was running through Go'Shek Farm in Arathi Highlands and I noticed an orc standing on the roof. I think he's always up there, but I found it interesting that he was up there in the rain. I figured he was fixing a leaky roof.

It sounds plausible to us, except that he seems to be holding an axe. Maybe he's messing up his annoying neighbor's roof instead? Whatever his reason for being up there (and his friend for being in the foreground) neither one of them looks to be too happy about being out in the rain. With that murky gray sky above, can you really blame them?

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