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HGTV and Food Network to begin HD simulcast

Darren Murph

For a large chunk of HD aficionados, we won't even give a show a chance if it's not being brought to us in at least 720p. Still, for those sick and tired of having SD and HD programs on HGTV and Food Network on separate schedules, your life is about to get a whole lot better. All exaggeration aside, both of the aforementioned networks are set to start simulcasting their "standard-definition and high-definition feeds to cable and satellite affiliates beginning March 31." Potentially more interesting was the note that Food Network "plans to ramp up its production of high-definition programs and is upgrading its Chelsea Market studios in New York to full high-definition capability." So yeah, some of your favorite shows may get shuffled about a bit at the month's end, but that's what your HD DVR is there to manage, right?

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