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New magic and job abilities in today's Final Fantasy XI update

Michael Zenke

Brand new toys for the Jobs (classes) of Final Fantasy XI headline the newest update to this still extremely popular title. New spells are available for White and Black Mages, Summoners have a new ability that lets them siphon mana from their creature, and even the steadfast Warrior class gets a 'retaliation' ability.

The newest classes added in Wings of the Goddess are getting a number of tweaks, too. Dancers will see abilities usable more often, and Scholars are subject to a host of changes aimed at making it more viable across the board. These changes include: tweaks to the max number of charges for the "Stratagems" ability, adjustment to the time required to regain a charge, new abilities, new job traits, increased access to both White and Black magic, major overhauls to the "-storm" variety of spells, a reduction in the mana cost for spells cast while using "Accession" or "Manifestation", and even new status icons for Scholar abilities.

The official patch notes are well worth checking out, as a host of other updates have been made to the game. Crafting changes, new emotes, updates to events like Campaign Ops and the Chocobo circuit, new quests in WotG areas, and even further improvements to the Fellowship system - one of the coolest things about modern FFXI.

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