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This Wednesday: Brain Challenge, Bliss Island on XBLA

Justin McElroy

It's a holiday for puzzle fans on Xbox Live Arcade this week, both for the nose-in-the-books types and those who like their brain-teasing a bit more whimsical. First up is the Gameloft-developed Brain Challenge which (if you haven't already guessed) appears to be in the Brain Age vein, but with the addition of modes (like ones that test your ability to deal with stress and one for the kids) and online multiplayer. You can pick it up for 800 points ($10).

Also on tap, a visit to Codemasters' Bliss Island, where you'll play "Hoshi the Zwooph, a mystical blue creature that emits precise puffs of air to create clouds" (yes, we know, it's a total rip-off of The Wire). You can play through 25 puzzles or challenge friends if you pony up the required 400 points ($5). Both will drop on the service on Wednesday.

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