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Wal-Mart is pulling plug on in-store gPC "experiment"


It's hard to know the real story here -- we'd hate to think of a bunch of Mr. and Mrs. Nice Persons taking home a gPC just to find it can't run that copy of Office or Half-Life 2 they were hoping to install -- but for whatever reason Wal-Mart is dropping its Linux "experiment" from store shelves and going back to selling the systems solely online. Apparently Wal-Mart did manage to sell out its entire stock of gPCs in the 600 stores that got them before pulling the plug, but the $199 computer just "wasn't what our customers were looking for," said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien. Everex spokesman Paul Kim says that online gPC sales were "significantly more effective," so apparently there aren't any hard feelings here.

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