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Avocent offers up Emerge MPX1500 wireless HDMI extender

Darren Murph

It's been a tick since we've heard a noticeable peep from Avocent, but the firm has recently unveiled the true successor to its Emerge MPX1000. The aptly-named MPX1500 is still a high-definition multipoint extender at its core, but rather than relying on swappable output modules, this unit packs a single DVI-D output and uses adapters to output HDMI, component, S-Video, VGA and composite. Additionally, this newer iteration comes in a much smaller enclosure and offers VGA resolutions up to 1,360 x 768 (while HDMI / DVI still goes to 1080i). Reportedly, users can still expect to see signals transmitted sans wires up to 150 feet through walls, and if interested, can pick one up as we speak for $995.

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