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Hudson to bring Tetris to Wii Ware this summer

Eric Caoili

Following this morning's revealed pricing plans and launch date for Wii Ware in Japan, Hudson Soft unveiled a familiar puzzler for the video game download service -- Tetris. This marks the publisher's fourth announced Wii Ware title, the other three being Star Soldier R, Bomberman, and Joysound (karaoke). Thumbs up to Hudson for an excellent Wii Ware lineup!

As with Dr. Mario & Bacillus Extermination, this edition of Tetris will include Mii support and a cooperative mode. While that sounds great, what's up with the blasé Mii expressions in these screenshots? Has years of playing Tetris on their handhelds/phones/graphing calculators dulled them to the game? Perhaps the six-player online matches will win them over? Hudson hasn't announced a specific price or date for Tetris yet, but you can expect to see the game hit the Wii Shopping Channel this summer.


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