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TiVo beats analysts' estimates in Q4, still loses money

Darren Murph

TiVo's been riding the proverbial wire for years now, and while there was some bright news from the Alviso-based firm's Q4 report, things still aren't looking too peachy on the whole. During the outfit's Q4, it managed to beat analysts' estimates with a loss of "just" $6.4 million "as expenses fell and sales of older-model units were better than expected." Reportedly, the loss equaled 6 cents per share -- much better than the expected loss of 11 cents per share. According to Chief Executive Tom Rogers, the year it just closed was its "best annual performance in its history," but when that performance was losing $31.4 million, we don't even want to think about a poor year. Still, Mr. Rogers assured investors that its newfangled partnerships with cable and satellite TV providers would help "narrow the gap toward profitability," but we still don't see poor TiVo rising from the depths just yet.

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