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VC Tuesday: Cheap Connection


Four games hit the Virtual Console this week in Japan, none of which cost more than 600 Wii Points. Some of them may even be worth those small prices! The Famicom's original 2D fighting game, Joy Mech Fight stands out; though we have no idea if the game's any good, we suddenly have an interest in Nintendo-developed fighting games. Fantasy Zone is, of course, one of the Sega Master System's best: a free-scrolling (Defender-style) shooter in a super-colorful, cute environment.

For us, however, the most notable title on the Virtual Console this week is City Connection, and not because it's a good game. City Connection was in my personal NES collection for just a short time before it got "temporarily" loaned out; however, even after having played it only for a week or two, and after 20 years, that incessant music is still completely fresh in my mind. It won't go away, ever.

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