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Winners of Panasonic's Live in HD contest are... living in HD

Darren Murph

Way back in August of last year, Panasonic opened the gates to its Live in HD contest -- which would gift winning families with $20,000 in HD gear along with free HD service for a year -- and needless to say, the entries came flooding in. Now, the first of the victorious families are getting to enjoy the spoils, which means playing with a completely free Wii, Blu-ray player, 50-inch HDTV, camcorder, digital camera and whatever else makes up $20k worth of wares. In exchange, Panny is extracting answers about "how they use the equipment and what they like or dislike about the products so the company can make improvements." For one particular family, their newly furnished home has become quite the hang out, but we've all ideas they have absolutely no qualms with that.

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