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Samsung dishes out v1.2 firmware update for BD-UP5000

Darren Murph

Not even two months after Samsung rolled out a firmware update for its ailing BD-UP5000 Blu-ray / HD DVD combo player, the firm is at it again in an attempt to mend the issues that owners have been squabbling about since day one. Sammy doesn't provide any gory details about what exactly firmware v1.2 does -- all we're told is that it "fixes the network connection error [introduced in v1.1]." Still, its good to see some progress being made, but considering that there's no laundry list of solutions here, we've all ideas that there are still some strides left to be taken. Hit up the read link to get your download on, and be sure to chime in below with any changes / bug fixes.

[Thanks, Jim]

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