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Super Hi-Vision gets tested, could be used to publicly display 2012 Olympics in Britain

Darren Murph

2015? Nah, that's about three years too long to wait for Super Hi-Vision -- for Britons, at least. Reportedly, Japanese public broadcaster NHK is currently testing the Super Hi-Vision system, and the BBC has announced plans to use said technology in order to "broadcast the 2012 Olympics to large TV sets placed in public areas across Britain." For folks worried that their current HDTV is about to become obsolete, we're here to pass along the news that it's not. According to Masuru Kanazawa, a research engineer at NHK's Science and Technical Research Laboratory, "SHV requires at least a 60-inch screen" in order to even see the improvements in quality, and of course, it's not exactly being aimed at the consumer market right now, either. 'Course, all that could change when 150-inch sets become living room mainstays.

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