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Ground broken on The Tower DS


Famitsu has revealed the first screens of the newest game in Yoot Saito's Tower series, called, sensibly enough, The Tower DS. It looks very much like the other games in the series, which is, of course, a good thing.

Towers are still seen side-on and feature elevators heavily; you still have to deal with the tenants' problems and with robberies. Most importantly, it looks like you can still check in on your tenants and find out how they're feeling. The major innovation here over, say, The Tower SP, is touchscreen control. For any building-type game, it's a lot nicer to use a stylus than a pad and buttons!

Nintendo characters (or a character, at least) make appearances as monuments -- or maybe as buildings! Who wouldn't want to live in a giant Mario?

Hop in the elevator and go to the "past the post break" floor to look at the full scan. Digitoys is set to publish the game in Japan on June 26th for 4,800 yen ($47).

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