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Microsoft 'not in talks' with Sony over Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive

Well, this is awkward. Just a week after a Sony executive told the Financial Times that Sony was "in talks with console rival Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360," console rival Microsoft corrected the record. Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360 (and all around pleasant guy), told Reuters rather unequivocally, "Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience."

Considering a not insignificant portion of the Xbox 360 owning audience has a now obsolete drive tethered to their 'box, we're unconvinced that the "Xbox experience" couldn't use a high-def optical format. Greenberg is quick to point out that Xbox 360 is "the only console offering digital distribution of entertainment content" which, to our continued great surprise (don't you own a movie studio, Sony?), is still true ... but for how long? We can't be sure of what makes sense to Microsoft bossman Ballmer, but we think just talking to the Blu-ray Association might be a good start.

[Via Engadget]

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