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Addon updating made easy

Sean Forsgren

With 2.4 looming, many of you are on the verge of an addon crisis. With most major content patches comes the horror of watching your lovingly crafted UI crumble into out-of-date obscurity. Amidst the chaos, some crusade to protect us addon pilgrims on our journey to updated bliss .

These brave souls have developed addons that automate the updating process, and they just save your soul in the coming weeks when we face the Sunwell. Many of you already use programs to manage this process, but for those of you doing it addon-by-addon there are some other options.

The developer of UI Central 4.0 was kind enough to tip us off to the new version of this software package. Stop! Before my fellow Mac users sigh and move on, this one will work with OS X Leopard, so there may yet be hope for your salvation. However, you must have an Intel-based Mac, as I sadly discovered.

For you Ace enthusiasts, you can always rely on the Ace updater to handle your updates. I use the Mac version of Ace Updater, which I find keeps my addons smelling fresh and alluding to pine. I personally swear by this one, but I don't have much choice as a Mac user, so take it for what its worth!

There are also numerous other addon updaters out there, a quick search yielded these:

Those are three amongst many I'm sure exist. I can't necessarily endorse any one site or addon as safe or superior, but you've got options. Whatever your source of Addon love, there should be something available for download.

I do want to point out that one great way to find fun new addons is stumbling across them during your updating. Also, this can offer something to do on Tuesdays, when the world comes to a screeching halt.

Have at it, readers! Prepare yourself for 2.4 and chime in with your addon updating suggestions!

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