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Behold Frostmourne!

Matthew Rossi

No, seriously, behold Frostmourne! (Block of ice trapping the undead soul of Ner'zhul sold separately.) Now, I generally don't collect mechandise. I ignored the t-shirts, I didn't get the toys, I only read the comic book because I'm a lore geek.

But look at it.

It's Frostmourne. It's a 47 inch replica of the greatest, most evil runesword yet seen in game! This thing is aimed directly at my wallet. It's actually a huge mistake on my part to even post this because my wife reads the site and now she'll know what she's getting for our anniversary.

I'm just kidding, this baby's all mine.

I do wonder if it will be disappointing if I get it and it doesn't tear away my soul and drive me onward to serve the malevolent will of the Lich King. I mean, that's part of the draw, right? I mean, just check out the stats for this thing! (Warning, stats are a joke from Blizzcon.)

It's apparently being sold and also there's an auction if you want to try and get a special, low numbered edition. Sadly, I'll have to miss that, I like being able to pay rent and eat too much. But if you have the money to spare, and you want to have a chunk of decorative metal in the form of a licensed copy of the dread runeblade, now's your chance!

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