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Inteset's Vana VA6420-Si media extender system gets Blu-ray

Darren Murph

Back when the format war was still a-brewin', Inteset saw fit to offer up Blu-ray / HD DVD combo drives on its media PCs. Now that said war is behind us, the firm is plugging Blu-ray drives into its Vana VA6420-Si media extender system. The device, which can also be used in standalone form, enables users to bring content from varying locales within the domicile to a central home entertainment center, and aside from the 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of RAM and GeForce 8400GT graphics card, you'll also find 7.1-channel audio outputs, a slew of video ports including HDCP-compliant DVI / HDMI and even an option for a CableCARD tuner. Unfortunately, we've no idea how pricey this rig will be, but with specs like that, we can't imagine it being cheap.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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