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LG enV2, Motorola W755 in glorious detail

Chris Ziegler

For any enV owners out there who managed to not splurge on a Voyager, it looks like you could end up being rewarded here something fierce. Verizon's true enV replacement, the VX9100, has now found its way into some glamorous press shots -- and while we're sure that reaction's going to be mixed, we're really digging the super-simple candybar appearance when the QWERTY clamshell is in its upright and locked position. Looks like it'll come in at least two colors to start -- black and maroon -- and we're also hearing that the name "enV2" is being tossed around in Verizon's documentation (surprise, surprise). Careful observers will note that the phone is sporting a USB port (either mini or micro, we're not sure) on the side, a promising sign that we'll finally be able to ditch those custom LG chargers in the not-too-distant future.

We also got hold of a portion of the Motorola W755's user guide -- nothing too inspiring, we suppose, but if there's one thing Verizon needs, it's another midrange flip. We kid, we kid.

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