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New SlingPlayer Mobile versions on the way

Chris Ziegler

Great news, you placeshifting fiends of the world: we've learned that Sling Media is hard at work crafting new versions of its SlingPlayer Mobile for S60, Windows Mobile Standard, and Windows Mobile Professional devices. The gist of the updates will be to better support newer handsets on all three platforms; specifically, one improvement we've heard mentioned is that full-screen video will look better on the N95 8GB's huge (by S60 standards, anyway) display. We've tested full-screen Slinged content on the N95 8GB and we personally think it looks great as it is, so it'll be interesting to see just how good they can get it. Look for the new releases to pop up this spring.

Separately, Sling tells us that development on its SlingPlayer for BlackBerry devices is still coming along swimmingly, and they're targeting a release some time this year. In fact, the company actually demoed the player on an AT&T 8800 and a T-Mobile Curve at MWC last month, so we figure that's got to be a good sign.

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