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Puzzle Quest getting XBLA expansion, fans asked to name it

Jason Dobson

Puzzle Quest was among our favorite titles released last year over Xbox Live Arcade, with the unlikely mix of casual puzzling and role-playing edging its way into several of our staff's top picks for 2007. Now publisher D3 has announced that the game will soon be getting what it calls a "tremendous amount" of new content by way of an upcoming downloadable expansion. There's just one problem -- it needs a name.

The add-on, which promises a new villain in Antharg, the Lord of Plague, as well as new spells, items, and quests on top of four new hero professions (Bard, Rogue, Ranger and Warlock), is currently being dubbed " Puzzle Quest: 1.5," but that name is hardly appropriate. To this end, D3 is calling for players to submit name suggestions on the official Puzzle Quest website starting today at noon through Friday, March 21. Once a name has been decided, the expansion will be made available this spring over Xbox Live. We're already brainstorming our ideas -- might we suggest Puzzle Quest: The Addictioning?

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