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TVOne intros 1T-MX-3344 component Matrix Routing Switcher

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of its 1T-DA-631 HDMI Extender comes the rack-mountable 1T-MX-3344 component Matrix Routing Switcher from TVOne. Granted, component uses are slowly fading, but for those still relying on the ole green / red / blue, this here device provides four inputs and four outputs with stereo audio jacks accompanying them all. As you'd expect, it enables any of the four inputs to be "routed to a single output, multiple outputs or all outputs," and resolutions from 480i to 1080p are supported. Users can control the action via the front panel buttons, an IR remote or the RS-232 interface, but it'll cost you a stiff $595 for the privilege.

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