TVOne offers up 1T-DA-631 HDMI Extender

Nothing too fancy here -- just a vanilla HDMI Extender with one true claim to fame. The TVOne 1T-DA-631, as you'd expect, "restores the HDMI v1.3 signal at the end of long cable runs just prior to the input to the display." This particular iteration, however, is the "first of its kind" to include DDC Correction "ensuring the HDMI signal stays true to the original form." Additionally, it features a maximum distance of 40 meters from the source and up to 5 meters from the output to the display. You'll also find HDCP compliance built-in along with a locking power adapter, and if this looks to be just the thing you've been needing, you can snag one now for a shade under a Benjamin.

[Via Widescreen Review]