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Doodle Hex casts itself onto the Wii

Candace Savino

Tragnarion Studios just got approved by Nintendo as an official licensed Wii developer, so what are their plans? If you answered, "They're going to Disney World," you'd be wrong, but we appreciate the sentiment.

You may or may not have heard of the Spanish developer's DS game that's in the works, Doodle Hex, which will be coming to our favorite touchscreen handheld this May. The game's name is pretty self explanatory -- you cast magic and hexes on people by drawing them with a stylus. But Tragnarion thinks that the drawing gameplay would go well with a Wiimote, too. With the studio's newly acquired license, the Spanish developer therefore hopes to bring the Doodle Hex saga to the Wii. We're assuming they would make a new game in the series rather than remake the DS game, but details weren't specified.

Tragnarion also said they they've been planning some innovative projects that fully utilize the Wii's capabilities, but whether they mean new IPs or more Doodle Hex remains to be seen.

[Via GamesPress press release]

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